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the Gold rush
treasure hunt
Fight those horrible pirates and get to all the treasures before they do! You will be greatly rewarded with tons of Xplora coins! But you have to move fast... Ready, set, GO!

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About the campaign
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Join the exciting treasure hunt to earn much more Xplora coins than you normally do. If you walk more - you earn more! The perfect way to be active and a great chance to boost your Xplora wallet at the same time. Use your savings in the Roblox GoPlant game or buy stuff from the Xplora auction!

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There is five islands that you have to get to! For each island you will have to walk even more to get there before those stupid pirates. But if you do - you will be rich!

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Through your physical activity you will get fresh air, a clear mind and your Xplora wallet will be packed with coins after this treasure hunt. Use your savings in the Roblox GoPlant game or buy things from the Xplora auction!

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gold-rush basecamp

Reach all


`Basecamp ${basecamp}`
The Town
`Basecamp ${basecamp}` lock
Crab Island
150,000 steps
`Basecamp ${basecamp}` lock
Lonesome Island
300,000 steps
`Basecamp ${basecamp}` lock
Skeleton Island
450,000 steps
`Basecamp ${basecamp}` lock
Shark Island
600,000 steps
`Basecamp ${basecamp}` lock
The Secret Cave Island
750,000 steps
Campaign Details
Collect Coins For Roblox Goplant!

All the Xplora Coins you find in your treasure hunt can be used to buy better seeds, new cool pets and progress even faster in our awesome game on Roblox!

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Island Rewards

For each island the crazy story behind the horrible pirates and the secret treasures will unfold. You don't know what the treasure holds, but we can assure you that tons of Xplora Coins are given to all users when they reach each island and open up that treasure chest.

Go for a winning walk!

Earn badges for each island you reach

Walk With Friends & Family

Spread the word about your crazy pirate adventure! Tell your friends and family to sign up to this campaign and earn lots of coins. Most importantly: Walk together, build relations, stay active and embrace a healthy lifestyle!

How It Works

Step 1

Join the Gold Rush Treasure Hunt.

Step 2

Start walking to reach the first island and get the treasure.

Step 3

Invite your friends and family to join your walk.

Step 4

Reach all the Islands.

Step 5

Reach the last island - the secret Cavern

Xplora Coins Xplora Coins box


Stay active, reach the islands and get to the treasure before the pirates do. Increase your Xplora coins so that you can use them in the Xplora Roblox game GoPlant!